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Virtual care patch by recon health

With the Virtual Care Patch™, Recon Health is launching the world’s first multi-sensor medical device to measure and evaluate core body temperature via the skin’s surface on the arms or chest, in addition to critical vital signs such as respiration rate and heart rate.


In December 2021, Canadian company Recon Health launched the Virtual Care Patch™, a multi-sensor medical device that is applied to the arm or chest. The Virtual Care Patch™ captures and monitors the patient’s critical vital signs including respiration rate, heart rate and core body temperature.

Our caleragt sensor, which is integrated in the multi-sensor system, is responsible for measuring the core body temperature. The greenteg technology thus provides information about a critical vital sign in the remote monitoring and diagnosis of patients.

The skin-friendly product was developed for medical use. Its high-performance electrodes allow vital signs to be recorded, collected by the multi-sensor patch and sent wirelessly to be stored in the cloud. The cloud data can be accessed by the patient and their healthcare professional at any time via a user-friendly platform.

This is yet another milestone in the field of digital health that improves patient treatment, provides them with safety, and results in huge amounts of time saved for medical staff. The market launch is scheduled for 2023.


caleragt is a solution that monitors core body temperature and is designed for widespread use in wearables and medtech applications.

The caleragt solution is also available as a white-label product for use in the medtech, sport and occupational safety and health sectors.


  • Non-invasive sensor technology for the seamless measurement of core body temperature
  • AI-based algorithm enables precise calculation and analysis of the data measured
  • Comfortable to wear, water resistant, disinfectable
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Easy to control via the app
  • Storage, analysis and monitoring of data via a cloud solution
  • Certified Swiss sensor technology