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Laser sensors for existing laser equipment

The safe, secure operation of plants and systems is absolutely vital, as every outage results in losses. Laser sensors enable the control and monitoring of industrial and medical laser systems, with high reproducibility in continuous processes.

Laser sensors helps control and monitor of industrial or medical laser systems


High-precision gRAYgt detectors are used in a wide range of applications.

In industrial laser systems, gRAYgt sensors are used for monitoring laser output to prevent production outages. Laser output that is too high or too low can have a negative impact on results in welding, cutting, drilling, and marking.

In the medical field, laser sensors monitor the optimal laser output and position in surgical laser systems. For example, gRAYgt detectors can be integrated into laser surgery equipment or devices for hair and tattoo removal.

Along with monitoring and managing existing laser systems, laser sensors can also be incorporated directly into existing laser sources to monitor the stability of the beam. One example of integration of gRAYgt sensors is the solid-state laser, in which a small part of the beam hits the sensors, thus permanently monitoring stability.


gRAYgt detectors for integration into industrial and medical laser systems to monitor laser output and beam position.

With their compact design, gRAYgt laser performance detectors can be integrated into portable measurement devices.


  • Flexible, precise measurement of laser output in real time
  • Cost-effective sensor element, easy to integrate
  • Thermal sensors allow for beam output independent of the wavelength of the laser
  • Wide spectrum range (UV to MIR), output spectrum: 10 μW to 50 W
  • Rapid response time
  • Compact, robust design Slender profile enables direct integration into circuit boards
  • High tolerance in terms of sensor setup; the signal is less dependent on the incidence angle and position of the beam

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