calera<sup>gt</sup> Medical

Feverflux Skin

Reliable measurement through direct skin contact – Feverflux packs innovative calera® sensor technology into a light, barely perceptible wearable.


Core body temperature is one of the four most important vital signs for monitoring a person’s state of health. Feverflux makes continuous monitoring of core body temperature an efficient, standard tool in diagnostics.


Feverflux is suited to applications in hospitals or for at-home monitoring and can be applied at chest height, much like a medical skin patch.

As a white-label product, it transmits precise measurement data to the user’s preferred digital cockpit or monitoring system.

greenteg supports manufacturers in specific OEM integrations of calera® technology in medical applications.


  • Non-invasive, continuous real-time measurement of core body temperature
  • Light and compact
  • Comfortable to wear and waterproof
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Easy to control via app
  • Compatible with Garmin, iOS and Android smartwatches and smartphones
  • Storage, analysis, and monitoring of clinically relevant data via a cloud solution
  • Certified Swiss sensor technology