with greenTEG's gSKIN® Body Temp Patch

This page is solely used to inform the international research community about greenTEG's heatflux sensors and patches to support current research efforts in regards to COVID-19. greenTEG does not produce nor sell any medical devices. B2B customers refer to our main page to get educated on the potential integration or white labelling of our sensor solutions

A call to arms to the research community

The current pandemic is severely impacting governments, businesses, and individuals all over the world. The challenge is huge, but we believe we can overcome it together. At greenTEG, we have realized that our technology could be useful to fight the COVID-19 crisis. We are actively working on that, and we need you!

We are looking for both research and/or business partners. Together, we could advance the knowledge about COVID-19, as well as bring faster solutions to the potential users.

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Get early warning signs of COVID-19 infection symptoms through on-time elevated body temperature monitoring

Fever is the most common initial symptom of Covid 19 with more than 98% of patients having fever symptoms at onset.¹ With our gSKIN® Body Temp Patch we can continuously monitor the core body temperature of individuals, enabling fever prediction², and providing data for early signs of disease. That data could enable a real-time tracking of the health status of risk groups.

¹ Clinical Characteristics of 138 hospitalized patients with 2019 Novel Coronavirus-Infected Pneumonia. ² Change in Temperature Profile May Precede Fever and be an Early Indicator of Sepsis: A Case Report; Mohr, Nicholas M.


Monitoring and detecting elevated body temperature in infected patients and exposed healthcare workers for pandemic control

Monitoring the core body temperature of general ward patients, releaving the healthcare system 


A functional sensor that monitors body thermal output on real-time.

At greenTEG, we build top-notch heat flux sensors that could be embedded into any device for core body temperature tracking. If you need more info about our field-tested technology applied to fever tracking, please download the datasheet for the gSKIN® Body Temp Patch, our latest device for research and evaluation purposes.

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A proven algorithm that delivers reliable data

At greenTEG, we have also developed an algorithm to crunch the raw data gathered by the sensor into reliable insights for core body temperature tracking. Our algorithm has been tested both in clinical trials and live conditions, showing high accuracy compared to other temperature tracking methods. For more information, download our latest use case about fever prevention with our gSKIN® Body Temp Patch.

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Clinically validated accuracy

The accuracy of the gSKIN® Body Temp Patch monitoring solution has been validated in an independent clinical study and numerous internal case studies. Both clinical study and internal tests show an absolute deviation of 0.26°C, a 95% limit of agreement (LoA) of 0.67 °C and a correlation factor of 0.86. As a comparison, a standard ear thermometer shows a confidence interval of 0.5 °C but only when measured by a professional, at low activity and at room temperature.



Main features

  • Compact sensor solution
  • High accuracy
  • Non-invasive
  • Enabling continuous monitoring
  • Mountable to numerous body positions
  • Biocompatible
  • Android app for data downloading