Patient Monitoring and the COVID-19 Crisis

This page is solely used to inform US customers about greenTEG's core body temperature sensors to support current research and relief efforts regarding COVID-19 and beyond. CORE obtained the Emergency Use Authorization, EUA, for the US. However, it does not have medical CE or FDA certificates (yet).

B2B customers refer to our main page to get educated on the potential integration or white labeling of our sensor solutions.

Patient Monitoring during the COVID19 crisis

The current pandemic is severely impacting governments, businesses, and individuals all over the world. The challenge is huge, but we believe we can overcome it together. At greenTEG, we have realized that our technology could be useful to fight the COVID-19 crisis.

We are looking for partners who can use continuous core body temperature monitoring to gain further insights into Covid-19 and institutions & business partners who can use CORE to observe and protect.

 If you think you could be such a partner, please click on the button below to contact us. We will reach back to you as soon as possible.

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Benefits or early core body temperature monitoring

  • Get early warning signs of an elevated body temperature for pandemic control.
  • Monitoring the core body temperature of the general ward patients, relieving the healthcare system.
  • Reduce the probability of erroneous readings.
  • Gain additional insights into the progression of patient

What do we offer 


Easy to use wearable device   

CORE is the first non-invasive wearable that allows to continuously measure core body temperature under real-life conditions with great accuracy. The device is easily mounted on a chest strap or attached with a medical-grade adhesive patch. It is water-resistant and can be sanitized using alcohol. CORE connects wirelessly with Garmin, iOS, and Android smartwatches and smartphones streaming real-time Core Body Temperatures. We have also reviewed a few 3rd party gateway (cockpit) infrastructures to help you collectively monitor your COREs used by your workforce, patients or nursing team.

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Validated to have environment/condition independent high accuracy

The accuracy of CORE has been validated in an independent clinical study and numerous internal case studies. The studies show an absolute deviation of 0.21°C, a 95% limit of agreement (LoA) of 0.56 °C, and a correlation factor of 0.92. As a comparison, a standard ear thermometer shows a confidence interval of 0.5 °C but only when measured by a professional, at low physical activity, and at room temperature.

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Connectivity to Continuous Vital Monitoring Hub

CORE® as part of the Leitwert Device Hub Vital Monitoring solution. Automated and 24/7 CBT monitoring in high resolution. Device Hub is an open platform to aggregate data from various wearable devices from anywhere.
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