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Download app – This page presents two different apps available for Android and iOS: the newly updated CORE app for Sports Science and Performance and the new CALERAresearch app for Research and B2B customers. The apps will allow you to view live and historical core body temperature metrics, update firmware and pair a heart rate monitor (for sports use).

How can I download the two apps?

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To download the CORE app for Sport Science and Performance, please follow the links below:

download app CALERAresearch
The temperature data history available on the app for each sensor
download app CALERAresearch
Multiple sensors in range can be detected for simultaneous, non-invasive and remote data collection

To download the CALERAresearch app for Research and B2B customers, please follow the links below:

Which app suits your application needs?

The new CORE app has been re-designed from scratch and can now deliver live and historical core body temperature data and advanced insights to all CORE sensor users. The CORE app has been designed with daily users of the core body temperature monitor in mind, with a focus on endurance sports athletes.

The CALERAresearch app will continue to offer the features of the old CORE app. This app best suits researchers and B2B customers who require access to high-resolution raw data or simply want to see the live measurements without the bells and whistles of the new CORE app. For customers with logging mode access that want to control multiple devices simultaneously, we recommend using our PC/Mac software (the COREtool) that can be downloaded from the research download portal. (Password available for customers).

Download app
CORE app for sport performance evaluation
Wearable core body temperature sensor
CALERAresearch app for researchers and B2B customers

CORE app

  • For who?
    Daily users or Athletes and coaches.
  • For which applications?
    For a daily use with access to your temperature history.

CALERAresearch app

  • For who?
    Researchers or B2B customers
  • For which applications?
    For a need to higher-resolution data with large volume collected from multiple sensors simultaneously. The data can be collected and retrieved for analysis with the logging mode.

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App compatibility

CORE Firmware

greenTEG new venture CORE

Please use the CORE Phone Companion app to update to the newest Firmware. We are continuing to make improvements including but not limited to: accuracy, connectivity and bug fixes. Follow the link to see the CORE firmware changelog.

CORE on Garmin

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The Garmin Connect-IQ app allows you to easily setup your Garmin device to show live data and to record core body temperature data to your FIT file.

CORE on Wahoo

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Find out more how to setup the CORE with Wahoo devices by following this link.


Download app

Learn more how to setup the CORE with COROS watches by following this link.

CORE on wearOS

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The CORE wearOS App can be found and downloaded from the Google Play store.

Integrators and developers

Do you want to integrate our technology into your product, solution or platform?

We try to make our integration as simple as possible and we are here to help support you and your projects. Contact us for more information about our integration capabilities!