Core Body Temperature Measured Non-Invasively on the Wrist With greenTEG`s Body Temp Patch

In this study we present an unique solution to accurately measure core body temperature on the wrist during low to moderate physical activity like sleep and daily life (free-living study). The measurements were conducted with greenTEG`s Body Temp Patch.

The study consists of 7 measurements on healthy subjects aged 25 to 45 years. Each measurement lasted between 16 to 24 hours. The reference core body temperature signal was obtained using an ingestible radio pill thermometer (e-Celsius capsule). The signal of the heat flux sensor was combined with several other parameters to compensate for physiological thermoregulation, resulting in an accuracy of 0.3 °C (mean deviation) with respect to the reference signal (ingestible radio pill thermometer). The algorithm can easily be implemented into any microcontroller.

The graph above shows the comparison between references core body temperature (blue line, measured with an ingested radio pill) with heat flux based core body temperature measured on the skin (green line).


The gSKIN® BodyTemp Patch: Device for Easy Core Body Temperature Measurements

The gSKIN® BodyTemp Patch (greenTEG`s demonstration and trial device) is an autonomous wireless core body temperature measuring device with logging capability for up to 4 days of continuous data collection. The patch incorporates two gSKIN®-XU 2mm x 2mm SMD mountable sensors, two ultra-high precision temperature sensors, an accelerometer, a flash storage and a BLE wireless module. The power is provided by a removable Li-ion coin cell that can be recharged externally. The external recharge and easy replacement of the battery allows to keep the down time of the Patch to a minimum.

Thanks to its internal storage, the patch collects data completely autonomously without need of a constant wireless connection to a host device. The data can be downloaded from the patch via Bluetooth to a smart phone using an android app at the end of the measurement.

We are happy to provide the full study upon request. Please contact us by email and provide your contact data and affiliation.

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