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About Wearables Technologies

This use case describes the industry of Wearable Technologies and more specifically, the use of heat flux sensors in Wearables.  This document will give you a broad overview of Wearable Technologies and more precisely, the application of heat flux sensors in Wearables and MedTech applications.

An overview about Wearables Technologies

Wearables Technologies – A definition & An Evolution

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The term “Wearable” or “Wearables” or even “Wearable Technologies” describe all various technologies that employ electronic devices that can be worn as accessories, integrated into clothing, or even implanted or tattooed in the user’s body or skins. [1,3]

The industry of Wearable Technologies kicked off in 2014 with the development of smartphones and low energy bluetooth that allowed those products to develop fast.

The industry of wearable technologies comprises various product categories from E-textiles, hearables, extended & virtual reality (ER & VR), to smartwatches.

fertility tracking

The growth of wearable technologies industry accelerated in recent years despite the COVID-19 represented by the launch of the 7th generation of the Apple watch in 2021. [2] The rapid adoption of such technologies has placed wearable technology at the center of the Internet of things (IoT). Indeed, throughout the years, devices computing abilities, features and the sensors incorporating them have been multiplied driven by the advances in allied technologies such as wireless communication, computation and miniaturization. The emergence of wearables that contain multiple sensors has further augmented the capabilities of monitoring, sensing, tracking and data analytics, especially in the fields of Health & Wellness and Sport & Fitness.

Who uses Wearable Technologies?

Focus on Wearable Technologies

Smartwatch & Fitness trackers

Smartwatches and Fitness trackers allow to monitor real-time key physiological metrics. The most widely monitored metrics are the following:

  • Step counting (activity characterization & metrics)
  • Geo-localization
  • Blood pressure and other cardiac metrics based on optical HR, HRV, spO2).
  • Temperature (peripheral, core body temperature) for fever detection and ovulation monitoring.

Smart clothing and e-textile

Smart Textiles or Clothings describe a rich landscape of technology and potential products comprising heated clothing, and textile for physiological monitoring such as heat rate, or core body temperature.

greenTEG’s CORE Body Temperature monitor has been successfully integrated into Myant Smart Textiles monitoring system. Discover more below!

smart textiles
Example of Wearable Technologies: Smart Textiles from Myant Inc. that integrates Core Body Temperature Sensor for Remote and Continuous Individual’s Health Monitoring

About greenTEG x Myant Smart Textiles monitoring system

greenTEG collaborated with Myant Inc. on their Skiin smart textile monitoring system.

Our new CALERA technology for measuring core body temperature has been integrated into the Skiin system. Users and especially their relatives can now reclaim their peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are well and safe, thanks to this wearable garment and its connectivity options via the Skiin Connected Life app, allowing them to monitor electrocardiogram (ECG), movement/posture, and core body temperature!

Medical Skin Patches

Medical skin patch
Example of Wearable Technologies : Medical Skin Patches developed by XCO / Recon Health that integrates Core Body Temperature Sensor to perform Individual’s Health Monitoring

A Medical Skin Patch describes a patch that is used for physiological monitoring of an individual’s health such as heat rate, or core body temperature.

greenTEG’s CORE Body Temperature monitor has been successfully integrated into Recon Health’s Technology, Virtual Care Patch™. Learn more below!

About greenTEG x Recon Health – Virtual Care Patch™

greenTEG collaborated with Recon Health – XCO on their Recon Health – Virtual Care Patch™. Through this partnership, the Virtual Care Patch™ will be the world’s first multi-sensor health patch to measure and assess core body temperature alongside other critical vitals signs from the surface of the arm or chest.

The full press release can be found here.

Accurately monitoring the core body temperature of patients is critical to identify health issues in patients at an early stage, monitor ill patients and inform care planning. Currently, other wearable devices in the market try to infer core body temperature via skin surface temperature measurements; however, due to the complexity of thermoregulation and environmental conditions, the estimates are inaccurate compared to what can be achieved through the integration of the CALERA® sensors in the Virtual Care Patch™ with its proprietary on-device Health System-on-Chip and Neural Processing Engine for Always-On Machine Learning.


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