Wearable Technologies for Baby Monitoring

An Overview of Wearable Technologies for Baby Monitoring

This application note describes the use of Wearable Technologies for Baby Monitoring, notably the importance of Core Body Temperature monitoring and integration into wearables suited for babies.

Introduction to the use of Wearable Technologies for Baby Monitoring

The development of Wearable Technologies for Baby Monitoring has been driven by an increasing need of reliable healthcare services and technologies to support parents and caretakers in the fight against one of the major reasons for infant death: the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This syndrome also termed “crib death” has been defined as one of most recurring cause of infant death in the United States. [1] Indeed, an effective health monitoring using wearable technology allow to detect early signs of health deterioration of your baby.

Baby monitoring with wearable technologies
Schematic representation of the various Wearable Technologies available on the market for baby monitoring. ©2020 Hasan et al.
This schematic is originating from the full publication from Hasan et al (2020) available here.

Wearable Technologies for Baby monitoring are currently available on the market in various format with wireless electronics integrated into socks, leg bands, buttons, onesies, or diaper clips. [2] Those devices are small, easy to wear and comfortable for the baby to wear.

The main advantage of these devices is the continuous and remote monitoring of baby vital signs from the parents’ smartphones simply via Bluetooth. The vital signs that can be tracked comprise for instance the temperature, humidity, heart rate measurement.

The monitoring steps can be described as follow:

  1. Sense and collect data from baby physiological activities
  2. Store the data collected onto a cloud
  3. Analyse the data to obtain clinically relevant information for an effective baby health monitoring

About the Use of Core Body Temperature for Baby Monitoring

What is Core Body Temperature?

Core body temperature is one of the four primary vital signs of our body. Core body temperature refers to the temperature of the body’s organs. It fluctuates following physiological processes, such as circadian cycles, menstruation, illness or physical activity throughout all the steps of an individual’s life.

Therefore, it can allow to gain more insight about the internal or external parameters affecting those natural mechanisms. Many devices on the market attempt to estimate core body temperature via skin surface temperature. Due to the complexity of thermal regulation and environmental conditions, this estimate does not come close to the accuracy and reliability of greenTEG’s Core Body Temperature Sensor.

How Core Body Temperature Sensor can be used for baby monitoring ?

Up to now, various wearable devices have been reported in the literature and on the market specifically for baby monitoring. Hasan et al. (2020) reported seven wearable devices specifically designed to perform baby monitoring, comprising various technologies, physiological data measurement and on various baby body positions.

Therefore, CALERA® is an ideal thermal sensing solution to perform an accurate, continuous and reliable baby health monitoring while ensuring an easy, comfortable and continuous measurement process for the baby.


baby monitoring wearable

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Why choosing greenTEG for your Baby Core Body Temperature monitoring ?


greenTEG offers the world’s first core body temperature sensor for continuous and non-invasive and remote measurements.

Our solution is therefore perfectly suited to accompany any parents in their search for a reliable and comfortable device to follow their baby vital signs all continuously and remotely.

In addition, the clinical-grade accuracy of our sensor, according to ISO 80601-2-56:2017 has been validated by different hospitals and Universities.

Key clinical partners from various Hospital and Universities have helped us developing a dedicated baby core body temperature algorithm to monitor effectively babies’ health. Our current solution is based on the baby chest measuring position. Yet, this solution can be adapted to other body position to best suit your needs.

Baby monitoring validation

Do you need a short summary of those information ? The full validation study for baby monitoring is available here.

Which greenTEG’s Core Body Temperature monitoring solution for your baby monitoring integration project ?

greenTEG’s offers a unique patented sensing technology designed for OEM Integration, B2B / White Labeling and Research applications.

The combination of our miniaturized sensor and AI-based algorithms are the backbone of our technology. This technology currently supports three sensing solutions based on your application needs. The wearable core body temperature sensing solutions are described in details here.

Features & Advantages

  • Integration solution into any wearable in contact with skin.
  • Chest-worn, wrist-worn or upper-arm.
  • Accurate algorithm to determine core body temperature.
  • SMD mountable 2mm x 2mm XU sensor.

baby monitoring wearable

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This technology supports three sensing solutions designed to suit your application needs: 

Laser position and power

CALERA® Technology for OEM integration

To view the product: click here. For the full product offering description: Core Body Temperature monitoring solution for OEM integration for Wearable and MedTech applications.

CORE Body Temperature Monitor for B2B and White Labeling

To view the product: click here. For the full product offering description: Core Body Temperature monitoring solution for B2B & White Labeling.

Core body temperature monitor
CALERA Research

CALERAresearch for Research applications

To view the product: click here. For the full product offering description: Core Body Temperature monitoring solution for Research applications.

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