Wearable Core Body Temperature Sensor
Wearable core body temperature sensor

greenTEG’s wearable core body temperature sensor has been designed to suit your application needs and to match market requirements.

An Introduction to Wearable Core Body Temperature Sensors

greenTEG’s product line comprises a broad range of Core Body Temperature Sensors. They are suited for various wearable technologies applications including remote patient and baby monitoring; workplace health and safety, fertility and sleep tracking; and early detection of neurodegenerative diseases.

Find out more about greenTEG’s wearable core body sensors and use cases.

core body temperature for industry
Remote patient monitoring
workplace health and safety monitorin
Workplace Health and Safety
Sleep monitoring
Sleep monitoring

CALERA® Technology | Core Body Temperature Sensor for OEM integration into Wearables and Medical Devices

wearable core body temperature sensor

Core body temperature refers to the temperature of the body’s organs. Core temperature fluctuates with physiological processes such as circadian cycles, menstruation, illness or physical activity. The integration of core body temperature sensing technology is therefore recommended for wearables and medical diagnostic devices.

The CALERA® technology has been developed to match the requirements of healthcare systems. This sensing has clinical-grade accuracy according to ISO 80601-2-56:2017. It has been validated by various hospitals and universities in more than 10 clinical trials for various body positions.

Wearable core body temperature sensor

External and internal validation studies for wrist-worn, chest-worn and upper-arm positions are available on our website:

CORE Body Temperature Monitor | Core Body Temperature Sensing Solution for B2B & White Labeling

wearable core body temperature sensor

CORE is the only non-invasive, continuous, and accurate wearable core body temperature sensor. It offers solutions for B2B and White Labeling purposes.

The combination of a miniaturized sensor and AI-based algorithm form the backbone our B2B/white labeling solution. The CORE body temperature monitor is a stand-alone wearable and an off-the-shelf solution.

The innovative sensor technology is built into a compact waterproof device that can be comfortably worn all day long during sports activities, at work, at rest and while sleeping.

The CORE app designed for Sport Science and Performance can deliver all CORE sensor users with live and historical core body temperature data and advanced insights. The CORE app has been thought for daily users of the core body temperature monitor, with a focus on endurance sports athletes.

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CALERAresearch | Wearable Core Body Temperature Monitor for Research applications

Wearable core body temperature sensor

CALERAresearch is the premium wearable Core Body Temperature monitoring solution for research applications.

This Swiss-made innovative sensor technology is built into a compact waterproof device that can be comfortably worn during sports activities, at work, or at night for sleep tracking analysis. CALERAresearch uses the same hardware as CORE but comes with additional functionalities and services.

This solution is recommended for research purposes as it will give you access to higher resolution data.

The CALERAresearch app has been developped specifically have been developed for researchers and B2B customers which require a more in-depth analysis of their temperature data with large volume of data from multiple core body temperature monitors.

Wearable core body temperature sensor
CALERAresearch – Core body temperature for research applications

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