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Building Performance Evaluation: U-Value & Insulation

This short note describes Building Performance Evaluation examples, with a specific focus on U-value & Insulation.

U-value measurements made easy for your building insulation!

greenTEG’s sensors measure the thermal energy transfer through a material. With this information the thermal behavior of a material can be characterized and based on the data improved. greenTEG also offers complete measurement solutions to assess the insulation quality (U-value/U-factor and R-value) of a building element. The gSKIN® U-Value Kit consists of a heat flux sensor, a data logger with two temperature sensors and an analysis software.

Scientists at the Nuremberg Tech use greenTEG’s heat flux sensors for the development of high-performance insulation materials

At the Nuremberg Tech scientists and engineers are developing new high-performance insulation materials. In an ongoing study greenTEG’s heat flux sensors were embedded into the wall to measure the heat flux and compare the thermal properties of the new material to state-of-the-art materials. The results from preliminary simulations are already promising: They showed a reduction of the thermal conductivity (i.e. U-value) of up to 42%! The full report is available here.

gO-Measurement System used to estimate the specific thermal capacity of building components per unit surface area

In a novel application case study, LemonConsult in Zurich used greenTEG’s gOMS to estimate the specific thermal capacity of building components per unit surface area. The full study is available here.

Ultra-High Energy Efficiency Thermal Building Envelope Characterized With greenTEG’s gOMS

Researchers used greenTEG’s gOMS (gO Measurement System) to characterize an ultra-high energy efficiency thermal building envelope. This posed challenging measurement conditions for most U-value measurement systems due to very low thermal leakages and flows, which requires high-sensitivity heat flux sensing. However, greenTEG’s gOMS with its high-performance heat flux sensors was designed to tackle such measurement challenges.

U-value insulation

The measurements were conducted on a test building of the Fribourg School or Engineering and Architecture (Haute Ecole D’Ingénierie et D’Architecture). The NeigbourHub building project won the Solar Decathlon Competition in 2017. The lead student project coordinator, Maxime Esseiva, calculated the theoretical U-values for three measurement points, compared these with the measurement results and found relatively good agreement. This was the case even for U-values < 0.1 W/(m2 K).

Thus, this project successfully demonstrated the high-performance technical capabilities of the gOMS. As thermal insulation standards improve over time, the gOMS remains the only integrated, plug and play U-value measurement device which can perform to such high standards. The full report is available here.

Ultra-High Energy Efficiency Thermal Building Envelope Characterized With greenTEG’s gOMS

Experimental housing complex built by TH Nürnberg and its project partners
TH Nürnberg builds a housing complex to test new building materials and other methods to further reduce energy consumption. greenTEG’s heat flux sensors are integrated into the wall construction to monitor the thermal behavior of a new type of insulation material.

Reducing energy consumption with innovative technologies
The housing complex consists of eight units designed as best-practice projects to demonstrate a sustainable energy supply of living quarters according to the Plusenergy-Standard. The aim of the project is to develop new technologies and methods which will surpass the current status-quo in thermal insulation, energy generation, energy storage and energy supply. Future housing projects and smaller industry operations shall profit from this new methods and technologies.

Thermal characterization of insulation materials with heat flux sensors
One focus of the project is to test a newly developed material with a very high insulation quality. This new material is fabricated on the basis of hydrophobic silicic acid which is then filled into bricks with a high insulation quality. To measure how the new material reacts under real conditions, the researchers integrated greenTEG’s heat flux sensors directly into the bricks and will then measure the thermal behavior.

Reducing Energy Losses in Hot Climates – Two Cases from the Middle East

In the Middle East, around 70% of energy losses occur through buildings. Many buildings are constantly cooled down and are poorly insulated: Walls can have U-values up to 2.5 W/m2K.

Our partner SIFS (Smart Insulation Finishing Systems) in Dubai regularly uses greenTEG’s U-value measurement systems together with infrared imaging for energy audits and refurbishment planning in the Middle East.

Recently, SIFS used the gO Measurement System for energy audits of an Arabian villa and of a reception hall in Kuwait. Here, you can get some impressions from their work and their results.

U-value insulation

gOMS and Hot Box / Cold Box Experiments

LafargeHolcim assessed greenTEG’s gOMS in a HotBox/ColdBox (HB/CB) experiment. The HB/CB is an industrial scale tool designed to test whole building elements such as walls in different artificially reproduced climatic conditions.

u value insulation

The U-values the engineers measured with the gOMS were close to the values measured in the HB/CB. Thanks to its accuracy, wireless cloud connection and easy handling, the gOMS is the perfect tool for field measurements. The full report is available here.

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