Methods to measure body temperature
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An Overview of Methods to measure body temperature

This article sums up the various methods to measure body temperature: pulmonary artery catheter, esophageal tube, urinary bladder, catheter, continuous rectal probe, ingestible telemetric temperature or e-pill thermometer, tympanic temperature, skin temperature and finally, Core body temperature monitor.

Comparative table of methods to measure body temperature

methods to measure body temperature

*only under certain conditions / using certain models

**Each one measures its location accurately but there still might be differences between locations (+/- XX between locations) please look at list of publication confromnting methods with each other

(1) estimate $10’000 (2) estimate: $250 (3) estimate $10’000 (4) estimate: $250 (5) example: bodyCAP system + 10 pills: $2500 (6) example: BRAUN ThermoScan7 (intermittent): $70; CosinussONE (continuous): $150 (7) sadas (8) webshop price $250


Esophageal vs. rectal probe vs. telemetric pill
* Telemetry pill versus rectal and esophageal temperature during extreme rates of exercise-induced core temperature change
* Core Temperature Measurement During Submaximal Exercise: Esophageal, Rectal, and Intestinal Temperatures

Esophageal vs. rectal probe
* Validity of Core Temperature Measurements at 3 Rectal Depths During Rest, Exercise, Cold-Water Immersion, and Recovery
* Esophageal, rectal, and muscle temperature during exercise

Rectal probe vs. telemetric pill
* Validation of an ingestible temperature data logging and telemetry system during exercise in the heat
* Validity of Devices That Assess Body Temperature During Outdoor Exercise in the Heat

Rectal probe vs. Tympanic temperature
* Comparison of Rectal and Aural Core Body Temperature Thermometry in Hyperthermic, Exercising Individuals: A Meta-Analysis
* Comparison of non-invasive measurement methods