Core Body Temperature Monitoring

An Overview of Core Body Temperature Monitoring

This short review provides a complete overview of Core Body Temperature Monitoring.

What is core body temperature ?

Core body temperature is an important vital parameter for determining an individual’s health status.

Why is this so important?

Core body temperature refers to the temperature of the body’s organs. It fluctuates following physiological processes, such as circadian cycles, menstruation, illness or physical activity. Therefore, it can allow to gain more insight about the internal or external parameters affecting those natural mechanisms.

Many devices on the market attempt to estimate core body temperature via skin surface temperature. Due to the complexity of thermal regulation and environmental conditions, this estimate does not come close to the accuracy and reliability of greenTEG’s Core Body Temperature Sensor.

For which applications, can it be used ?

Core body temperature monitoring is important for a broad range of applications such as:

Workforce Health and Safety for Oil and Petroleum industries, Firefighting and military activities, including heat stress prevention.

Indeed, monitoring continuously and non-invasively, the core body temperature of your workforce will help you detect early signs of health-disorders and provide a better protection and prevention.

Remote Patient Monitoring to provide technological support to caretakers in various environments from hospitals to elder houses.

Indeed, variations in core body temperature often provide insight on health-related problems prior to the appearance of other symptoms. Therefore, accurately monitoring the core body temperature of patients can help to identify health issues of patients at an early stage.

Early Detection of Health Disorders can be provided by tracking an individual’s circadian cycle. In fact, many significant health issues leave signs in a person’s natural day-night temperature cycle, also known as the circadian cycle. To monitor this cycle, core body temperature can be measured easily with greenTEG’s sensor on a daily basis.

Besides, researchers have been using our sensors to investigate; jetlag, narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep quality, burnout, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ovulation status, and many more. Learn more with this validation study about the use of Core Body Temperature Sensor Under Real-Life Conditions.

Sport Performance Evaluation can be performed by monitoring an individual’s core body temperature during high-intensity activity or sport.

This will allow you to gain valuable insights to increase athletes’ or amateurs’ performance and avoid dangerous situations like heat strokes. More about Core Body Temperature for Sports here.

How to start monitoring?

Temperature can be measured with various devices or instruments available commercially. Several devices on the market attempt to estimate Core Body Temperature via skin temperature. However, due to the complexity of thermal regulation and environmental conditions, this estimation does not come close to the accuracy and reliability of a sensor designed to measure directly core body temperature: greenTEG’s core body temperature monitor.

The above graph represents the measurements of core body temperature (green curve) versus measurement performed with an electronic ingestible pill (blue curve) for the fever detection use case.

greenTEG created a unique patented sensing technology designed for OEM integration, white labeling and research applications. The next sections introduces you to our three solutions available currently on the market.

Which solution for your project?

A compact and miniature sensor and AI-based algorithm to support three sensing solutions designed to suit your application and project needs: 

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