Core Body Temperature for OEM integration
core body temperature for oem integration

CALERA® | Core Body Temperature for OEM Integration

CALERA® | Core body temperature for OEM Integration: This application note presents how core body temperature sensor can be effectively integrated into various Wearables and MedTech applications.

What is Core Body Temperature ?

fertility tracking
Core Body Temperature measurement for remote patient monitoring performed in the upper-arm position

Core body temperature is an important vital parameter for determining an individual’s health status. Core body temperature refers to the temperature of the body’s organs.

It fluctuates following physiological processes, such as circadian cycles, menstruation, illness or physical activity.

Many devices on the market attempt to estimate core body temperature via skin surface temperature. Due to the complexity of thermal regulation and environmental conditions, this estimate does not come close to the accuracy and reliability of greenTEG’s Core Body Temperature Sensor.

Thus, greenTEG offers the world’s first core body temperature sensor for continuous and non-invasive measurements on the wrist, upper-arm and chest body positions.

Example of Core Body Temperature monitoring for fever detection, compared to a reference e-pill measurement.

Core body temperature sensor integration for Health monitoring

A miniaturized sensor and AI-based algorithm resulted in the perfect core body temperature sensing solution to perform health monitoring. This solution can be effectively integrated into various Wearables and MedTech applications. The CALERA® technology has been developed and validated by more than 10 clinical trials showing for all position, clinical grade accuracy.

core body temperature for OEM integration
CALERA® technology available for OEM integration into wearables and medtech applications

OEM integration Wearables

core body temperature for oem integration
OEM integration capabilities illustrated with the gSKIN sensor available in a Tape n’reel packaging

This medical-grade accuracy solution according to ISO 80601-2-56:2017, has been validated by different hospitals and Universities. External and internal validation studies (wrist-worn, chest-worn and upper-arm validation studies) are available:

Examples of CALERA® OEM integrated wearable devices

Medical skin patch
Virtual Skin Patch™ by Recon Health – Medical Skin Patch OEM integration

The Virtual Care Patch™ is the world’s first multi-sensor health patch to measure and assess core body temperature alongside other critical vitals signs from the surface of the arm or chest.

smart textiles
Skiin Smart Textile by Myant Inc. – Smart clothing OEM integration

This wearable garment and its connectivity options via the Skiin Connected Life app, allows to monitor electrocardiogram (ECG), movement/posture, and core body temperature!

core body temperature for oem integration

Corsano greenteg partnership
CALERA® core body temperature sensor solution integration into Corsano’s Cardiowatch 287 Bracelet for continuous in-hospital and remote patient monitoring of cardio-respiratory function
Core body temperature for oem integration

The Cardiowatch 287 Bracelet will be the world’s first multi-sensor medically certified wristband to measure and assess core body temperature alongside with a continuous cardiac monitoring from the surface of the wrist. The full partnership description is available here.

For which OEM integration applications, core body temperature can be used ?

Continuous and non-invasive core body temperature monitoring is important for a broad range of applications:

workplace health and safety monitoring
Workplace Health & Safety

Workforce Health and Safety for Oil and Petroleum industries, Firefighting and military activities including Heat stress prevention by detecting early signs of health-disorders and provide a better protection and prevention.

Variations of core body temperature often provide insight on health-related problems prior to the appearance of other symptoms. Remote and accurate patient monitoring to provide technological support to caretakers in various environments from Hospitals to Elder Houses.

core body temperature for industry
Remote Patient Monitoring
core body temperature
Early Detection of Health Disorders

Early Detection of Health Disorders can be provided by analysing an individual’s Circadian cycle. In fact, many significant health issues leave signs in a person’s natural day-night temperature cycle, also known as the circadian cycle.

Sport Performance Evaluation can be performed by monitoring an individual’s core body temperature during high-intensity activity or sport. This will allow you to gain valuable insights to increase athletes’ or amateurs’ performance and avoid dangerous situations like heat strokes. More about Core Body Temperature for Sports here.

footwear heat flux coefficient
Sport Performance Evaluation

How to perform a successful OEM integration into your wearable Technologies ?

CALERA® : greenTEG’s solution designed for OEM integration

The combination of a miniaturized sensor and AI-based algorithm are the backbone of the two following solutions for OEM integration into Wearable and MedTech applications:

core body temperature for oem integration

The patented CALERA® technology has been developed for more than 7 years. It is based on greenTEG’s heat flux sensor and targeted for the integration into the wrist, upper arm, and chest-based wearables. The technology has been proven suited for mass manufacturing, currently seen with CORE, which so far has been manufactured in volumes exceeding 10,000 devices.

Depending on your application, our integrated technology can be used with two apps, CORE app and CALERAresearch:

  • CORE App for Sport Science and Performance – The app can now deliver all CORE sensor users with live and historical core body temperature data and advanced insights. The CORE app has been thought for daily users of the core body temperature monitor, with a focus on endurance sports athletes.

  • CALERAresearch app for research and B2B applications – The app and its additional tools (USB COREtool) have been developed for researchers and B2B customers which require a more in-depth analysis of their temperature data with large volume of data from multiple core body temperature monitors.

CALERA® technology integration process & expertise


  • Thermal & Mechanical design.
  • In-depth know-how in Core body temperature sensor integration.
  • Complete sensing integration experience in wide range of applications.


  • Production of more than 500 K sensor per year.
  • Annual capability of over 2 million per year on the current line.
  • Strong scalability potential.
  • Engineering consulting: development, validation, integration and industrialization support from our experts.
  • Highly accurate sensing technologies adapted to your needs.

Our team of experts will accompany you through your project by following greenTEG’s development and industrialization process:

core body temperature for industry

To accelerate your development, we offer the CALERA® development KIT, which includes also engineering consulting hours.

Calera development kit
CALERA® Development Kit for MedTech & Wearable applications

This development can be adapted to suit your needs. To have a better glimpse of our integration process and expertise, claim your short integration userguide prepared by our experts!

Read more about successful CALERA® integration projects:

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Mogensen, C.B., Vilhelmsen, M.B., Jepsen, J. et al. Ear measurement of temperature is only useful for screening for fever in an adult emergency department. BMC Emerg Med 18, 51 (2018). DOI: 10.1186/s12873-018-0202-5