Core Body Temperature for Industry
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CALERA® | Core Body Temperature for Industry & OEM Integration

This short note introduces the use of Core Body Temperature for Industry & OEM Integration. More specifically, core body temperature monitoring for MedTech and Wearable industries will be explained.

Brief introduction to Core Body Temperature for Industry applications

Core body temperature is a vital parameter for determining an individual’s health status. Core body temperature monitoring is important for a broad range of industrial and large scale applications such as:

workplace health and safety monitoring
Workplace Health & Safety
  • Workforce Health and Safety for Oil and Petroleum industries, Firefighting and military activities…

    Indeed, monitoring continuously and non-invasively, the core body temperature of your workforce will help you detect early signs of health-disorders and provide a better protection and prevention.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring to provide technological support to caretakers in various environments from Hospitals to Elder Houses.

    Indeed, variations in core body temperature often provide insight on health-related problems prior to the appearance of other symptoms. Therefore, accurately monitoring the core body temperature of patients can help to identify health issues of patients at an early stage.
core body temperature for industry
Remote Patient Monitoring

core body temperature
Early Detection of Health Disorders
  • Early Detection of Health Disorders can be provided by tracking an individual’s circadian cycle. In fact, many significant health issues leave signs in a person’s natural day-night temperature cycle, also known as the circadian cycle. To monitor this cycle, core body temperature can be measured easily with greenTEG’s sensor on a daily basis.

    Besides, researchers have been using our sensors to investigate; jetlag, narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep quality, burnout, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ovulation status, and many more. Learn more with this validation study about the use of Core Body Temperature Sensor Under Real-Life Conditions.

  • Sport Performance Evaluation can be performed by monitoring an individual’s core body temperature during high-intensity activity or sport. This will allow you to gain valuable insights to increase athletes’ or amateurs’ performance and avoid dangerous situations like heat strokes. More about Core Body Temperature for Sports here.

Why core body temperature is so important?

Core body temperature refers to the temperature of the body’s organs. It fluctuates following physiological processes, such as circadian cycles, menstruation, illness or physical activity.

Many devices on the market attempt to estimate core body temperature via skin surface temperature. Due to the complexity of thermal regulation and environmental conditions, this estimate does not come close to the accuracy and reliability of greenTEG’s Core Body Temperature Sensor.

core body temperature for industry
The above graph represents the measurements of core body temperature (green curve) versus measurement performed with an electronic ingestible pill (blue curve).

What solutions can be used to monitor Core Body Temperature for industry purposes?

greenTEG offers the world’s first core body temperature sensor for continuous and non-invasive measurements. The combination of our miniaturized sensor and AI-based algorithms are the backbone of our CALERA® technology. CALERA® is ideal to integrate into skin surfacing wearable and med-tech devices. We also offer our unique CALERA® technology in a ready-to-use wearable, CORE, as a consumer product and white label solution.

Features & Benefits of CALERA®

When working with skin temperature sensors to measure the physiological body temperature, a major challenge is the thermal influences from the environment and physical activity, e.g. leaving a warm building to the cold environment or when clothes or blankets cover the sensor. With CALERA®, the provided proprietary heat flux sensor and skin temperature sensor solution will allow you to compensate thermal influences from the surrounding environment resulting in a true core body temperature signal.


  • Integration solution into any wearable in contact with skin. Chest-worn or wrist-worn.
  • Accurate algorithm to determine core body temperature.
  • SMD mountable 2mm x 2mm XU sensor.
Elevated body Temperature monitoring

CALERA® Technology Development & industrialization process

greenTEG has extensive experience and in-depth know-how regarding integrating core body temperature sensors into a wide range of wearables. greenTEG has also developed highly accurate algorithms based on specific use cases, allowing highly accurate core body temperature readings. Four validation studies were performed successfully for:

greenTEG’s engineers will guide you step by step through the development and industrialization process. That includes thermal reproducibility optimization and algorithm calibration. Contact our experts for more information.

The following steps show the process to implement core body temperature measurements into your wearable successfully:

core body temperature for industry
Schematic representation of greenTEG’s development & industrialization process

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