Combined heat flux and temperature measurements: Discover the gSKIN® XO Temp

The gSKIN® XO Temp enables combined heat flux and temperature measurements. Learn more about the unique specs of this sensor below.


Highest sensitivity

The gSKIN® XO-Temp sensor has a min./avg. sensitivity of 7/13 μV/ (W/m2). The thermopiles are highly integrated in the sensor substrate which leads to exeptional sensitivity.


This robust sensor has protection class IP44 and is fully protected from water spray. The embedding also acts as low pass filter, reducing signal noise due to natural and forced air convection.

Integrated thermistor

The gSKIN® XO-Temp has an integrated surface temperature sensor with an accuracy of ±0.2°C.

High Accuracy

Take heat flux measurements with an accuracy of ±3%. A large guard area eliminates edge effects and ensures a homogeneous heat flow through the sensing element.


Dimensions [mm x mm]: 30 x 30 x 3.3
Heat flux range [kW/m2]: -15/15
Calibration accuracy [%]: ± 3
Operating min/max temp [°C]: -50/80
Output: analog




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