In recent years, the number of Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Applications has increased. greenTEG’s technology is specialized to make these applications a reality.

greenTEG is developing thermoelectric generators for the integration into an energy autonomous and smart heating valve with an industry partner.

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Technology & Products

gTEG® Thermoelectric Generators generate electric power without toxic substances or moving parts which guarantees a long, silent, and maintenance-free life cycle. The Generators are easy to integrate, thin, and withstand compressive forces.

gTEG® Thermoelectric Generators are not yet commercially available. However the core technology is used in our gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors and Laser Power Sensors. All of our products are available in our online shop.

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Technical Overview

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Energy harvesting refers to the process in which small amounts of electricity are generated for applications such as sensors, actuators, consumer electronics and applications in research.

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