Laser Power Detectors for Integration in Laser Systems

Laser Systems

Especially for IR lasers and tunable laser systems, thermopile sensors like the greenTEG Laser Power Detectors are favorable.

greenTEG’s housed Laser Power Detectors facilitate

  • process control,
  • higher throughput,
  • reproducibility of high quality,
  • increased safety for staff and equipment,
  • compliance to regulations (e.g. in medical applications),
  • remote maintenance and control

greenTEG’s Thermal Laser Power Detectors

greenTEG is currently designing housed Laser Power Detectors specifically for usage in laser systems. These detectors are highly precise and allow for fast monitoring of the power of your laser systems. The sensing elements built into the detectors belong to the fastest thermal sensors available (analog signal response time <250 ms).

“The reaction time of less than a second, the high sensitivity and the low thickness of the sensor where the main reasons for our decision to integrate the sensor technology developed by greenTEG.”

– Manfred Gonnert, product developer at Thorlabs

Housed Laser Power Detector

greenTEG Thermal Laser Detectors for System integration

The housed Thermal Laser Detectors for system integration are coming soon. If you wish to receive the preliminary datasheet or be informed when the detectors are released, send us an email.

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