Fast IR Detector for Integration in Laser Sources

As small and almost as cost-effective as Photodiodes

greenTEG’s Laser Power Detectors are thermal detectors (click here for an explanation of thermal detectors). For integration in laser sources, this offers great advantages.

  • Flat Spectral Sensitivity from 190 nm to 15 µm
    These Laser Power Detectors can be used to monitor sources with wavelengths that go beyond the sensitive range of standard photodiodes. Since their spectral response is nearly wavelength independent they are especially suitable for the use in IR-laser sources (e.g. CO2 sources) and tunable laser sources.
  • Sensitivity Independence toward angle of incoming radiation
    Due to thermal stress inside the laser source, small mechanical deformations can cause a slight tilt of the monitoring (photo-)diode. As photodiodes are sensitive to such changes, the monitoring diode will wrongly alert users of declining laser power. Or even worse, in-built control mechanisms might overcorrect this by increasing the power of the working laser beam. greenTEG’s Thermal Laser Power Detectors are insensitive to the angle of the incoming beam and will reliably display the actual power of your laser beam.
  • Easy integration into your Laser Source
    Due to space restrictions and the typically large thermal laser power detectors, it was impossible to integrate thermal power sensors into laser sources. Until now! greenTEG developed thermal detectors as small as photodiodes (area: 2 mm x 2 mm, thickness: 0.5 mm). These detectors generate an analog voltage signal in the mV range and can easily be integrated electrically.

Different Standard Detector Designs for Source Integration

greenTEG offers different standard designs for integration in laser sources. These designs vary in the following three characteristics

  • Coating: greenTEG broad band absorber coating, no coating (see example image on the right)
  • Size: size from 4.4 mm x 4.4 mm up to 18 mm x 18 mm
  • Measureable Power: from 10 µW to 100 W

While standard products use a predefined set of these characteristics, it is also possible to customize detectors to specific needs. Customization is available only in quantities > 200 pieces. Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss a customizable solution

How to measure temperature at spot A


You will most probably need an Op Amp to integrate the greenTEG Thermal Laser Power Detectors into your source. Please contact us to receive our Op Amp design to save time.

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Detailed information about the Standard Detector Components for integration in Laser Sources is available in our online shop.

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