Our laser power sensors are specifically designed for the following applications.

Measuring and controlling the laser power is crucial in most laser machines. greenTEG offers various solutions for laser power detectors that can be easily integrated into your laser system.

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In order to determine the power emitted by a laser, monitoring diodes are built into the source. Integrate thermal power detectors as small as a photodiodes into your laser source.

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Especially for IR-radiation it is challenging to determine the beam position of a laser. greenTEG develops thermal positioning detectors that allow for beam characterization at all wavelengths.

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Since all gRAY laser power sensors are based on thermal sensors, they detect power independent of the laser wavelength. These products are available directly from us and via our distributors.

gRAY housed detectors feature 200 ms rise time and are available for up to 50 W.

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gRAY mounted detectors allow for easy integration. They are available for 10μW to 50 W.

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gRAY bare die components are available for 100 μW to 5 W and are available in various sizes.

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About greenTEG’s Laser Detectors

One of the main advantages of thermopile based Laser Power Sensors is the independence of wavelength. In the below sections you can learn more about the technology.

Thermopile Laser Power Sensors determine laser power by measuring heat that is created from laser radiation.

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Power sensing devices vary strongly with regards to wavelength, rise time and power threshold. We compare the different available technologies.

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