Heat Flux Sensor Component for OEM Integration

Heat Flux Sensors for OEM

A Heat Flow Sensor Component for OEMs consists of the basic sensing element with soldering pads for electrical connections. The OEM component is checked according to quality management standards.

Heat Flux Sensors are customizable

Customizable sensor properties are:

  • Size (length x width)
  • Calibration standard
  • Electrical contact
  • Packaging / Coating of sensor element

Heat Flux Sensor for OEM

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Take a look at the datasheet of our ultra small gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors for integrating into your setup.

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How to get Heat Flow Sensor Components

For OEMs we offer standardized Heat Flow Sensor Components for testing. If you are interested in integrating Heat Flow Sensors in your product, please contact us directly to discuss the next steps.

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