Heat Flux Sensors and U-Value Kit for Building Physics

Why use Heat Flux Sensors in Building Physics?

Do you ever wonder how much of your heating bill is caused by badly insulated windows or walls? Or how much energy you could save by adjusting the temperature level in a room? With gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensors, these questions can be answered simply by measuring the respective heat flux, which is measured in W/m2.

“The sensor is compact, small and thin. You just stick it to the wall, connect it to your read-out unit, and then get the understanding of the thermal characteristics of your building.”

– Dr. Peter Cull, ICT International

Building Physics applications with Heat Flux Sensors

Thermal energy enters buildings mainly from the heating system and from solar irradiation. The energy exchange between the building and the outside is focused through the roof, walls, windows and thermal bridges e.g. balconies, into the soil and through exchange of ambient air. Every building is a complex thermal system and to optimize it (for example to reduce heating costs), precise data is required. Within the field of building physics the gSKIN® Heat Flux Sensor is used to:

  • Compare the amount of heat transferred through different walls or the same type of walls, but located in buildings with different weather patterns.
  • Calculate the thermal conductivity (U-value) of walls and find out if you have a well-insulated building. More detailed information about U-Value Measurements is available here.
  • Quantify the energy balance of a room: How much energy is coming from the heating and where is this energy lost?
  • Analyze the thermal behavior of rooms and buildings at different temperature levels.

Heat Flux in Building Physics

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