Laser Power Measurements

Fast & easy

Laser power measurement with an easy-to-use, fast, and small thermopile sensor

When using lasers, it is crucial to monitor how much power is provided to a system in order to ensure trouble-free process operation. Additionally, safety regulations for staff and equipment are in most cases based on laser power measurements. The gSKIN® Sensors allow you to determine the power density of your laser. Laser power measurment with the gSKIN® Radiation Sensor  is easy. The sensor features:

  • Fast response time
  • Small geometry & thin
  • High sensor homogeneity
  • Measures a broad range of laser types

In our laser application note you will find detailed explanations for laser power measurements with the gSKIN®. For free access to the laser power application note enter your email address below and click submit.

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Download the White Paper about the pros and cons of available detector technologies for monitoring laser power.

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Laser power measurement applications

The gSKIN® sensors are used as design-in components for:

  • Cutting, welding, marking and soldering lasers: the sensor information gives your systems the ability to control laser properties instantly resulting in uniform production performance.
  • Medical lasers: Accurate laser measurements simplify responding to safety demands for medical technology equipment.
  • Beam positioning and profiling modules: With the split gSKIN® sensors, it is possible to obtain valuable information about beam position and beam uniformity. If space is not a limiting factor, multiple gSKIN® sensors can be arranged in the area of the laser spot. In applications with limited space, the split gSKIN® sensor is more suitable. It integrates two or more sensors within one sensor module, and thus lets you add beam positioning and profiling features without additional effort and space requirement.

If you plan to use the gSKIN® for laser applications, please refere to the datasheets available at our Shop.


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